Saturday, 26 September 2015

Shisha Mirror Tutorial

The shisha stitch is in 2 parts, the foundation stitches which hold the mirror in place as you work and the actual stitch which is worked over the foundation

Please Note: I have used a circle of paper and two different colours of thicker thread in the photographs and I recommend that you practice using this method on some spare fabric

Take Care: The mirrors are made of glass and can sometimes have sharp and ragged edges They can be filed smooth with a nail file

A (Step 1)
Foundation Stitches
Work 4 sets of double long stitches from one edge of the mirror to the other until you have a star shape

A + B (Step 2)
Shisha Stitch
Bring the thread up at the edge of the mirror, then through the centre of the star stitches and pull through
Please Note: the thread passes under the stitches NOT through the fabric
Make a tiny backstitch at the edge of the mirror as shown in the photo

C (Step 3)
Repeat step 2 working from right to left

D (Step 4)
Continue around the mirror being sure to pass the thread through the centre of the star each time
The stitches will start to form a larger hole in the centre and the edge will look a bit like a blanket stitch

I have added a row of chain stitch around the completed mirror