Friday, 21 September 2012

A Little Square Of Heaven

I'm all for anything that makes life easier and this little blue square of usefullness is one of those things
Try it for yourself - I cant promise it will change your life but it may just make it a bit less frustrating!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Silver award giveaway winners

As there were only 3 entries I have decided to give away a copy of the magazine and calender to each of you :)
So, congratuallations Jane, Maggie and Charlotte - please email me your postal addresses to and I will post your prizes out ASAP

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Silver Award Giveaway

To celebrate my Silver Award for Textiles in craft-and-design-magazine  I'm holding a little giveaway to win a copy of the Sept/Oct issue with a 2013 calender 
All you need to do is become a follower of my blog and leave a comment under this giveaway post for your chance to win
The closing date is 1st September and I will randomly choose the winner from all the entries

Monday, 30 July 2012

Another Darned Cushion

I love freshly dyed and ironed fabrics

Sunday 19th August @ 1.30pm
Places Available

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tales From The Welsh Wood - The Exhibition

I am delighted to announce that my first solo exhibition 'Tales From The Welsh Wood' will take place at the Platform Gallery, Clitheroe, Lancashire from 3rd September to 15th September 2012

To accompany the exhibition I will be teaching a workshop on Saturday 8th September and giving a talk on my work on 15th September
Booking Details

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

New work

Whilst working on my exhibition for September I have been experimenting with different sized pieces and subjects
Here are 2 6in square pieces which will form part of a 4 piece set

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Kantha Fest

With my exhibition planned for the beginning of September and the days ticking down fast I have been busy planning new work
After a day sweating over a hot sewing machine yesterday I now have a lovely pile of patchwork pieces ready to be transformed into new backgrounds

I kantha stitched a few last night while watching TV but there's enough to keep me busy for a while yet!

I'm also well on with my Festival Of Quilts workshop prep
Just as well the weather is so bad as the gardening will have to wait

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Radio Lancashire Interview

Some photos from my Radio Lancashire interview this morning at the Platform Gallery, Clitheroe
It was great fun!
Thanks to Maria Felix Vas who was holding the microphone and asking the questions and Steve Royle back in the studio who kept us giggling - was it just me who noticed he was stealing his material from Rhod Gilbert!
Listen to the interview here  (Move the slider to approx 1hr 20mins to hear my bit)

Here I am with Jenny Eaton who won the Ribble Valley Prize
See Jennys work HERE

Sunday, 6 May 2012

And another one!

OK, the excitement is almost too much to bear!

These 3 little beauties 

won me this!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

I won an award!

Thank you to everyone who voted my work into the final
I am honoured to have been awarded the silver!
Read the judge's statement HERE

Monday, 9 April 2012

Somewhere over the rainbow

Ahh! The great British Bank Holiday Monday
Pouring with rain but still we soldier on with that famous Dunkirk spirit!
Just spend a lovely day with hubby, daughter and grandson in Tatton Park - picnic lunch in the car, toddler grumpy because hes is stuck in the pram, Grampa grumpy because its costing him a fortune!

Still, we saw Alice, The White Rabbit and The Cheshire Cat and now we are snug at home with the heating on drying out there is a rainbow in the hallway. Happy Days!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Craft and Design Magazine Selected Awards

I am delighted to announce that I am a finalist in the Craft and Design Magazine Selected Awards (Textiles Category)

Had the news today - I am shocked and amazed but now its sunk in a bit I have to say I am feeling pretty chuffed!
Someone must have voted for me so if it was you I would like to send you a huge THANK YOU!

Friday, 30 March 2012

Cotton Global Threads

Cotton - my favourite natural fibre without which my work would not exist!
If you get the chance take a look at this informative and highly enjoyable exhibition at The Whitworth Gallery Manchester

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Festival Of Quilts Workshops

The booking is now open for my Festival Of Quilts classes
For Quilters Guild Members - from 1st March
For non Quilters Guild Members - from 8th March
All my classes are at least half full so please be quick if you want to attend!

Quick & Easy Workshops (1 hour)
The Quick and Easy Workshops offer one and two hour classes aimed at the less advanced stitcher; complete beginners and improvers welcome!

Ragbag Pincushion
Learn how to create a patchwork pin cushion from fabric scraps, buttons, embroidery thread, vintage lace buttons, ribbons and anything else you have to hand. 
You will be having so much fun you won’t even notice that you are learning to hand stitch simple patchwork blocks! You will embellish them with embroidery stitches and haberdashery. (Start in class and finish at home).

Thurs 16th August 10.30am

Cost £9 

Booking Code 5

Vintage Brooch Pillow
Using an old fashioned  technique for colouring  fabric with wax crayons you  will create a pretty hand embroidered brooch pillow or quilt block.The design is  created with simple embroidery stitches, stitched together by 
machine or hand and finished  
with cotton lace edging (to be 
finished at home)

Friday 17th August 10.30 am
Cost £9 
Booking Code 39

The Quilt Academy 1/2 Day Workshops (3 hours)

Reverse Applique Baby Owl
Create a unique baby owl softie entirely by hand using a rough edged reverse appliqué technique. Cotton fabrics are stacked together, stitched by hand with a simple outline stitch then carefully cut apart to reveal the respective layers beneath.

His eyes are Shisha mirrors and his cheeky little beak is a scrap
of woolfelt. 

Thursday 16th August 1.30 - 4.30 pm

Cost £38
Booking Code 215

Saturday 18th August 1.30 - 4.30 pm

Cost £38
Booking Code 267

Another Darned Cushion
Create a little cushion from a simple log cabin patchwork block with a twist. The centre panel is created from cotton threads using a simple needle darning technique. Final embellishment is provided by running stitch in toning threads. You will make a unique cushion with your own design, colour and fabric choices

Friday 17th August 1.30 - 4.30 pm

Cost £38
Booking Code 236

Sunday 19th August 1.30 - 4.30 pm

Cost £38
Booking Code 298

Lecture (1 hour)
Folk Art And Fairytales
Textile Artist Julie Bull takes listeners through the inspirations and 
techniques used in her “Tales From The Welsh Wood “ – a series of multi layered, appliquéd and embroidered illustrations that explore childhood memories and narratives. The Tales are a collection of modern fairytales which take their influence from the Welsh tradition of oral storytelling and the myths, legends and wonder tales of Celtic folklore. They contain all the traditional elements 
associated with this type of story. A mixture of cultural influences 
is blended into a quilt like cloth rich in imagery, colour and texture. 

Julie’s practice has led to the world of children’s book illustration via an enduring love of Folk Art with its bold simple outlines of fairies, angels and magical creatures.

Sunday 19th August 10am

Cost £7.50
Booking Code 301

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

3 little birdies

Another new piece for the 'Mummies and Babies' Collection
Finished today and for sale here

Hand Dyed Fabric and  Stitch
20cm x 20cm
Julie Bull 2012

Monday, 6 February 2012

2 Designs from 1 set of research

A new week and the stitching goes on - this is whats been happening over here

Meanwhile, to continue my last post I'd like to show you how the house theme developed and eventually led to the creation of 2 different pieces of work

This was a sample used to decide on my colour pallette
I wanted to use muted pastels

Then I thought "What if ?" went off on a tangent and this was the result but I will come back to this later!

For "The House Of Secrets" this was the effect I decided on as it reflected the uniformity of the streets in the South Wales valleys and provided the marked contrast to the large house which I was after

"The House Of Secrets"
Julie Bull 2011
Hand Dyed Cotton And Stitch
36cm x 36cm

As for the other piece of work, well that delveloped into a Story Pillow
which I use as a sample for this workshop

"Our House"
Julie Bull 2011
Hand Dyed Cotton And Stitch
18ins x 18ins

Monday, 30 January 2012

There are places I remember

Old Photographs, Sketchbook Memories. Sketches and  Stitched Studies

Friday, 27 January 2012

Little Butterflies

As well as creating my artwork my other passion is teaching.I love seeing students grow creatively and for that reason I am going to try and comunicate my teaching vision through this blog.
Hopefully I can inspire someone through my ramblings!
This is of course an interactive process and I would love your feedback and imput :)

I wasnt quite sure where to start so I have been through my old sketchbooks and photographed them to try and illustrate my thought process (my husband often comments that Inside my head isn't a place you would want to be!) but Im willing to risk it if you are!

So, lets make a start
Capturing ideas
I always think of ideas and inspirations as little butterflies that are there one minute and gone the next
My mind will settle on a creative thought and then fly off to another
The secret is to find a way of "capturing" these thoughts before they are gone forever

The inspiration can take many forms and be recorded in different ways:
  • Images: your own photographs, web images, books, magazines
  • Sketches: always carry a small sketch/note book with you to capture ideas anywhere

  • Memories: these can strike at any moment so be prepared! Note them down and also anything you want to research later - these can be a remembered touch, smell, feeling,object, incident etc etc
  • Words: poetry, song lyrics, words spoken and recalled, single emotive words
See my Sketchbooks page for more info

If anyone would like to book me to teach a workshop or deliver a lecture at their group, guild or educational establishment further details can be found here

Friday, 20 January 2012

New Mums and Babies Collection

Warning! Extreme Cuteness!
The first of my new mummy and baby birdies collection
Hop over to my portfolio to see the full image

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Just an idea...

but a whole series may well be hatched from this very soon

Monday, 16 January 2012

All the leaves are brown and the trees are blue

It's a cold and frosty day here on the Fylde- it's such a relief to be free of the rain for a while and see some welcome daylight

It's so cold even the trees are blue!  It needs some leaves

New Year, New Blog

Hello and welcome to my brand new blog!

You may have arrived here via Tales From The Welsh Wood, my Facebook Page or Twitter or just via a random search
However you got here, I'm very pleased to have you and hope you will become a follower and regular reader

Until now I have mainly blogged over at Tales From The Welsh Wood but I now feel its time to move on and explore a different audience since my work is taking a different direction -  I will still be adding occasional posts over there whilst still actively seeking a publisher for "The Tales"

Ok, so in this new blog I would like to share with you my thoughts, findings from my MA research, my teaching vision and of course my work
I'm looking forward to the journey!