Friday, 5 February 2016

Colouring Embroideries

The first signs of Spring are starting to peep through but the weather is cold and evenings still dark 

Recently colouring has become a very trendy way to relax and unwind so why not dream of sunnier days this evening while colouring your embroideries?

This Hand Stitched Stories e book will show you how 
Crayon Tinting For Embroidery is available from my Etsy and Craftsy stores as an instant download so you can get started right away! 

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Stitching Quotes

Shisha Mirror Tutorial

The shisha stitch is in 2 parts, the foundation stitches which hold the mirror in place as you work and the actual stitch which is worked over the foundation

Please Note: I have used a circle of paper and two different colours of thicker thread in the photographs and I recommend that you practice using this method on some spare fabric

Take Care: The mirrors are made of glass and can sometimes have sharp and ragged edges They can be filed smooth with a nail file

A (Step 1)
Foundation Stitches
Work 4 sets of double long stitches from one edge of the mirror to the other until you have a star shape

A + B (Step 2)
Shisha Stitch
Bring the thread up at the edge of the mirror, then through the centre of the star stitches and pull through
Please Note: the thread passes under the stitches NOT through the fabric
Make a tiny backstitch at the edge of the mirror as shown in the photo

C (Step 3)
Repeat step 2 working from right to left

D (Step 4)
Continue around the mirror being sure to pass the thread through the centre of the star each time
The stitches will start to form a larger hole in the centre and the edge will look a bit like a blanket stitch

I have added a row of chain stitch around the completed mirror

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Normal Service

Sorry its been so long :)
After a big house move and loads of work to catch up on I can finally make time for my little blog 

Its normal service but not as we know it since things are a changing here at Hand Stitched Stories HQ
More about that later

Today I would like to share a new pattern from my Etsy shop

After listening to feedback from more experienced embroidery customers who say they would like a pattern without all the instructions and diagrams I have starting working on some designs which can also be used as colouring sheets, for quilting, papercrafting or whatever you choose

Would love to hear what you think :)

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A little Blog break

Apologies for the lack of  posts this week
I am taking a little break from blogging to clear a backlog of work
Normal service will be resumed shortly!